Servicing Update Available for Visual Studio Update 1

In incremental service update to Update 1 has been made available. A “servicing” update is actually a bunch of hotfixes packaged together over a full Update. In the old days it would be called a Hotfix pack to a Service Pack. Interesting how nomenclature changes over time.

As for its contents, it fixes the nagging issue with Update 1 in that Visual Studio would unexpectedly crash while debugging. See this page for more details. Please keep them coming. This particular issue was painful to live with, even if for just a few weeks.

New version of Team Explorer Everywhere

The new version 14.0.2 has been released and can be downloaded at the Microsoft Download Center.

Brian Harry self-effacingly called it “small update”. However for the teams at many companies who have been using TFVC but want to gradually move to Git, it has a huge update: you can now use both in the same team project.

This allows you to get to work without losing your context: you just incrementally move relevant pieces of your code from one repo to another. Previously you had to change context every time you were working on big code bases that lived partially in one place or another. I am now experimenting with it for builds to see if it allows the same ease of transition.


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