Follow up on videos from the DevOps Fastrack training

From the last few posts you might have noticed that I have been following up on the DevOps FastTrack offering, and the training that was provided by Microsoft on September, and how valuable that has been for me in understanding how a cutting-edge DevOps practice can be. The VSTS team in that regard is as cutting edge as Facebook’s, Google’s or Netflix. They are not bound to adopting practices such as SAFe (that was a question asked in one of the talks); rather they are defining their own because they are at a place where they are the pioneers (not the individual practices, but their use at scale). They are operating at the Ri level, they are transcending what is currently known.

It was a stated purpose that we as MVPs and Microsoft partners should share these presentations with our customers. I started doing that with every engagement since then, always starting the summary one made by Lori Lamkin.

Now the great surprise: Sam Guckenheimer has worked with the team that presented in extracting any NDA references, and has now shared the whole set of talks at DevOps at Microsoft. This is a treasure trove on how to to do DevOps with VSTS and beyond. I am organizing sessions at our company (Nebbia) so we can watch it together and use it as inspiration for next steps on our own DevOps journey.

Slides from presentation on Microsoft’s Agile Transformation

image Thank you very much for attending! It was one of the biggest crowds ever, considering our small venue  (we had 30+ people in the room, and 14 in the waiting list). Next time we might need to have a bigger room, and Leland and I are considering other options depending on the interest on future presentations.

Microsoft Agile Transformation and Planning.pdf (1.1MB)


I also just learned from Aaron Bjork that he has created a clean presentation of this content (there were a lot of down-the-rabbit-hole discussions at the Fast Track training) and posted it in Youtube.

My presentation of course was based on my own experience at Microsoft VSTS in 2007, whereas Aaron joined the leadership team later, so he actually saw the pain at a critical point, whereas I had just witnessed when it was starting to build. Of course you can’t compare listening directly from the source. However as some of you pointed out, the historical perspective was just as valuable, and thank you for your kind remarks :-). That said, I strongly recommend watching Aaron’s presentation as well.


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