Issue: Failed to push new glyph for <file-excluded-by-gitignore> Return code from SccGlyphChanged was -2147024809


Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 3 RTM with Microsoft git provider returns error "Failed to push new glyph for <file-excluded-by-gitignore> Return code from SccGlyphChanged was -2147024809." in Output window.


Issue occurs every time an a file is modified in an editor. The focus switches to the Output window with label "Source Control  - Git". An error message as above is returned for each file excluded by patterns in .gitignore.


This an issue with the way that Solution Explorer is interacting with the notifications from the git source control provider.

A glyph is a source control UI element, that is all those little symbols on the left side of the file in Solution Explorer, as explained in implementing a source control provider. This post talks at length about what is going on in a general fashion, including explaining what the error message number means.

What is missing is the connection with .gitignore patterns. This might point to some logic error in the code that handles the background processing that updates the Solution Explorer UI every time a file source control status is modified by editing it in place.

User was using Update 3 RC prior to installing Update 3 RTM, therefore this might be a left over from RC.

I looked into another related issue with .gitignore that when you have a specific exclusion rule (say "/TFS"), it does not process the file (with a name that starts with "TFS"), plus the Solution Explorer glyph changes to that of a committed file. The workaround for this was to take out the .gitignore rules. Another would be to through suppressing the Output window activation and filtering out messages related to this error by using its automation interface.

All points to an issue with the way that the git provider interacts with the Visual Studio UI.


I have confirmed with Microsoft that this is a bug and that it has been fixed in an upcoming version.

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